Remote meetings & online meetings

Hotel Drachten Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm. You and your colleagues or employees probably no longer drive up and down to a location every day, but follow meetings and gatherings remotely, through a virtual solution such as a live stream. A hybrid meeting offers the possibility to continue meetings (remotely). In collaboration with Valk Online and our regular AV partner Van der Heide Audiovisual, we offer various packages at Hotel Drachten. We describe in detail the most booked package regarding online meetings/meetings below.

Hybrid Plug & Play

1 hotel, one or more hall/boardroom and online viewers
The live stream of the meeting is possible via our own meeting software such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It is possible to record the meeting and/or to connect to multiple rooms and/or locations. We also supply 1 or 2 microphones and cabling. Interaction is possible at room level with chat function. Both the physical and online participants can view and hear the presentation/training.

The camera position
1. The camera in the back of the room to capture the speaker of the (online) meeting and the presentation screen. The position of the camera at this location is suitable for giving an (online) presentation or training. Both the physical and online participants can view and hear the presentation and training well.
2. The camera next to the speaker to visualize interaction with the audience. The position of the camera in this location is suitable for an (online) group meeting, where both the physical participants in the room and the online participants are all visible and audible.

Possibilities online conference or virtual meeting

From our AV partner Van der Heide Audiovisual, a lot is possible in the field of online meetings. Would you like to organize a complete (partly online) conference with multiple rooms, online connections, recordings and also outsource the lighting? No problem! With the support of the AV team, you can fully focus on the event, leaving the technology to us. Together with you we look at your wishes and the possibilities. Our AV partner has a lot of experience with custom-made projects, where the online and technical design of your conference is specially tailored to your wishes.

Organizing a (partly) virtual meeting in Drachten?

Interested in a hybrid meeting in our hotel? Our employees of the Sales department will be happy to help you determine a suitable package based on your wishes and preferences. Prices of the packages are on request.

Sales Department (available on working days from 09:00-17:00)
T: 0512 - 58 63 07
E: sales@drachten.valk.com