Visit De Alde Feanen

In the heart of Friesland, in the triangle between Leeuwarden, Heerenveen and Drachten, lies the almost 4,000 ha large low moor moor De Alde Feanen. A very varied landscape consisting of lakes, peatlands, reed beds, brushwoods, thickets and swamp forests. The landscape variation provides an enormous wealth of plants and animals. In De Alde Feanen, for example, there are approximately 450 species of plants and more than 100 species of birds breed there.

Visitor center De Alde Feanen

The De Alde Feanen National Park Visitor Center is the starting point for your visit to this beautiful low moor area. Here you will receive all information about the recreational opportunities in the area. There are also beautiful sailing, walking, canoeing and cycling routes available. For the youth there is loan material to get to know the area in an adventurous way.

You can also find the most beautiful cycling and walking routes through De Alde Feanen here, online.

Excursions for young and old!

Bird watching, walking excursions or an excursion from the water? There are plenty of opportunities to get to know this nature reserve better. Fun activities for young and old. More information about this can be found here!

The Alde Feanen in the media!

Travel program 3 OP REIS also visited this National Park, and wrote the following about it: "We start with the youngest national park in the Netherlands: the Frisian Alde Feanen. In this old peat area you are in the right place as a water sports enthusiast. For example, go kayaking or paddle in the creeks, where you paddle past a richly vegetated lateral line with nesting birds. You might just fall silent with that rippling water in the background. Nocturnal animals among us can also discover the national park sailing in a dinghy. If you prefer to be on land, map out a route between the windmills, viewpoints and bird hides that the park is rich in." Source: