Tesla Superchargers

Fast charging at Hotel Drachten

Charge your Tesla? That is possible at Van der Valk Hotel Drachten! We are a Tesla Supercharger location with no less than 16 charging points! With these free superchargers, you can charge the Tesla Model S in minutes, not hours. Other electric cars with a CCS connection can also be charged with these Tesla Supercharges! The stations are strategically placed to minimize stops during long distance travel.

Tesla Supercharger along the A7/N31 in Friesland

The Supercharger station of Hotel Drachten is strategically located in the province of Friesland. The charging station with 16 charging points is located at junction A7/N31. While the car is charging you can enjoy lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee in our restaurant.

Tesla fast charging along the highway

The Tesla Supercharger is significantly more powerful than any other charging technology currently available. We have 4 fast chargers that deliver up to 250 kW, and 12 fast chargers with CCS compatibility up to 150 kW.

This is done by means of special cables that bypass the on-board charging equipment. The charger is just as easy to use as the home charger. You have come to the right place for fast charging your Tesla!

View all Superchargers stations at www.teslamotors.com