Visit Leeuwarden

Combine your visit to Hotel Drachten with a day trip to Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden is 30 minutes by car from Drachten and is the capital of Friesland, the start and end point of the Eleven Cities Tour and was elected European Capital of Culture in 2018! This city breathes art and culture. Below you can read a number of activities that you should definitely not miss during your visit to Leeuwarden!

Visit the prison

Until 2007, the Blokhuispoort still functioned as a prison, but nowadays you will find a mix of culture and catering. The restaurants are really worth a visit, and the tour of this old prison is definitely worth it! For more information, to book the tour and information about various workshops and other events, go to

Do you like shopping?

The Nieuwestad is the shopping street of Leeuwarden, where you will also find many cozy restaurants (with terraces on the water!). One of the side streets and also voted the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands several times, is the Kleine Kerkstraat. Vintage shops, small specialty shops and craft shops are located here. The Oude and Nieuwe Oosterstraat are also worth a visit! Here you will find vintage, gift and home and lifestyle shops.

Picnic in the Prinsentuin

The Prinsentuin is the city park of Leeuwarden. A beautiful park on the water where you can enjoy a picnic or just walk through. In the summer concerts are sometimes given in this park on Sundays!

Climb the Oldehove

The Oldehove is the 'skeve tower' of Leeuwarden. This 39 meter high tower is 1.99 meters out of alignment! Of course it is nice to see this tower up close, but you can also choose to climb this leaning tower! The opening times and more information can be found here

The Frisian Museum

This museum is incredibly versatile and suitable for young and old. With changing exhibitions, various activities, workshops and guided tours, you will not get bored here. More information can be found at

Leeuwarden from the water

Discover Leeuwarden from the water by renting an electric sloop! You can sail silently through the canals and see Leeuwarden from a completely different side! Highly recommended! You can easily rent an electric sloop via