Sustainability Van der Valk Drachten

Sustainability is an important topic these days and more and more companies are doing their best to reduce their impact on the environment. This also applies to Van der Valk Hotel Drachten. We take sustainability seriously and implement measures to reduce our impact on the environment. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society. As a family business, we think sustainability is important, so that we pass on our planet well to our next generations.


One of the sustainability measures we take is to plant trees. GreenStay is an initiative that makes this possible. At GreenStay, our guests can choose to skip a room cleaning and in exchange, we partner with GreenStay to plant a tree!

How does GreenStay work?

Step 1: Guests book a multi-day stay (2 nights or more) at Van der Valk Hotel Drachten.
Step 2: During their stay, guests hang the unique GreenStay door hanger on the door handle of their room for one or more days.
Step 3: If the door hanger is hanging on the handle, we will skip the room cleaning and report the total number of rooms not cleaned in the GreenStay portal the same evening.
Step 4: Once the numbers have been entered, the tree enabled by guests can be found along with all other trees in the report here.

Reduce waste with Orbisk

Another important aspect of sustainability is waste management. We use Orbisk for this. Weighing and scanning waste containers helps chefs balance portions, optimize inventory and plan more efficiently. It also helps us reduce and recycle waste. By separating and recycling waste, we reduce the impact on the environment and improve our sustainability. Breakout areas Another example of sustainability is the break-out area. This is a space where guests can take a break without producing a lot of waste. The guests make joint use of the coffee and tea facilities, which means we produce less waste.

Too Good To Go

Another important sustainability measure is Too Good To Go. This is an app that helps hotels reduce food waste. By offering food that would otherwise be thrown away through the app, guests can buy it at a discounted price. This means less food is wasted and savings are made on the costs of waste processing.

Open Hiring

Finally, there is the concept of open hiring. This means that a hotel hires people without a selection process, regardless of their background or experience. This offers opportunities to people who might otherwise find it difficult to find work. By applying open hiring, a hotel can contribute to a more inclusive society.

A sustainable future for future generations

All these measures are important to promote sustainability in hotels. By taking these measures, a hotel can reduce its impact on the environment and contribute to a better world. Sustainability is not only important for the environment, but also for society as a whole. We take sustainability seriously and feel responsible for the future of the next generations.