Looking for a strategically located point in Friesland where you can charge your electric car? At our charging point you can charge your electric car while you have breakfast, lunch, dinner or meeting with us!

Fast charger for electric car

At Van der Valk Hotel Drachten you will find a double AC charging point for electric cars and is therefore suitable for two simultaneous users. At this charge point you can charge your electric car much faster than at regular charge points*. The charging station is suitable for any type of EV and can be charged up to 22 kWh.

Fast charging at Hotel Drachten, Friesland

With fast chargers throughout the Netherlands, our Van der Valk Hotels make electric driving increasingly possible. This is convenient for you, and it fits in with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. We are certified for Green Key and do everything we can to use energy as efficiently as possible.

In addition to these two fast chargers*, we also have twelve Tesla Superchargers.

*Important: The actual charging speed depends on the charging capacity of the car.