Visit the Wallebos

You must be thinking: what should I do in Friesland in winter? In the summer you can enjoy cycling, sailing a boat, go to the beach, grab a terrace... But in winter, well, what do you do then? Hotel Drachten has come to discover it for you and see the result here: a wonderful cycling and/or walking tour that is certainly worth it in winter!

On to Beetsterzwaag!

At Hotel Drachten, get on an electric bicycle and cycle 9 kilometers through a mainly green area, towards the final destination Wallebos/Wallebosch in Beetsterzwaag. Arriving in Beetsterzwaag you first make a tour through the center and walk past the large, old mansions and park-like gardens. Settle down at one of the nice bars and restaurants in Beetsterzwaag where you can warm up with a cup of tea or coffee.

The Wallebos

Walk into the forest and enjoy the diversity of tree species, different birds and other animal life. The forest is dense. Furthermore, you will come across all sorts of things; from conifers to deciduous trees, from paved paths (useful for prams and wheelchairs) to large sand humps. But the highlight of the Wallebos is the decking path. From the forest path that runs parallel to the buildings of Talant, take one of the first turnings to the right. There you will soon see the sand hills. With the sand hills on your right, you keep walking straight ahead, after which you arrive at the platform. The pine trees, the reflection of the trees in the water, the watery sun, the birds... it's beautiful here. After the boardwalk, turn left and make another round through the forest. Just a tip: put on good, waterproof shoes, because your shoes won't stay dry here.

Off to the heath!

After a nice round of walking you continue on your bike and cycle via a paved forest path to the Zandlaan. This Zandlaan turns into the Ald Hearrewei and takes you to Lippenhuizen. The special thing about this route is that this cycle path goes right through the Liphústerheide/Lippenhuisterheide. This is a beautiful expanse of moorland with wet and dry moors, containing trees and shrubs. This heath can only be admired from the cycle path. This cycle path is also very wide and is also ideal for walkers. If you squint a little, it is as if you are in Africa. Okay, the cold wind along your cheeks will quickly bring you back to Friesland, but that doesn't matter.

Come and discover the magic of the Wallebos for yourself during your stay at Hotel Drachten!