Visit Drachten

This Frisian place is not equally well known to everyone. Nevertheless, Drachten is definitely worth a visit. This village in the middle of Friesland has a pleasant center where you can enjoy shopping.

Cultural activities Drachten

Did you know that Drachten has a theatre? In De Lawei you can regularly see cabaret performances, musicals, theater performances and other performances. View the agenda via the De Lawei site.

A visit to Museum Dr8888 is also definitely worth it. In this museum you will find visual art from the twentieth century and the museum also has various, changing exhibitions. More information can be found at

Restaurant tips Drachten

It is also possible to grab a terrace or go out for dinner. Italian restaurant Sondrio is highly recommended if you like pizzas and pastas. Restaurant Nazareth is a must if you want to taste the Arabic cuisine. James' Bistro & Bar is a beautiful restaurant where you can also dine.

More information Drachten

Would you like to know more about Drachten and what there is to see and do? Here you will find more tourist information.

10 fun facts about Drachten:

  • Drachten is the capital of the district Smallingerland. With 44,940 inhabitants, Drachten is, after Leeuwarden, the largest town in Friesland.
  • In the 17th century, the small villages NoorderDragten and Zuider-Dragten became Drachten.
  • Drachten never had city rights, however based on its size, industry and public places, Drachten can be called a city.
  • In the 1950s, Drachten counted 10.000 residents. Because in the early 1950s, Philips opened a factory in Drachten.
  • There are three remaining buildings of Philips from the 1950s which can be visited. These buildings are a former monastery, a cottage like townhouse at the Moleneind and the “Jugendstilhuis” at the corner of the Stationsstraat and the Lange West.
  • In the area of the Torenstraat are a number of houses that are designed by Cees Rienks de Boer. Some of these houses, the woodwork is painted by Theo van Doesburg. This area is also known as the papagaaienbuurt, wich can be translated into: the parrot area.
  • The water tower is nominated as a national monument. Drachten has a total of 24 national monuments and 37 local monuments.
  • In Drachten itself are over more than 22.000 workplaces. Therefore Drachten is the second largest city when looking at employment.
  • 'De Slinger', a bike bridge, is with its 240 meters the longest bridge for bicycles in the northern part of the Netherlands.