You can rent E-scooters from us again, even if you don't stay with us! Enjoy the wind in your hair in a silent, environmentally friendly way. With E-scooter you can travel up to 100 kilometers without having to recharge in between. You do not need to wear a helmet. A (car or moped) driver's license is required.

Rent an E-scooter and explore the area!

The surroundings of Hotel Drachten are ideal for exploring by scooter. You can compose your own route via the extensive network of nodes or follow 1 of the route suggestions available at the reception.

E-scooter rental rates

The E-scooter can be rented for a period of 3 hours or a whole day. For a whole day we use 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Prices are €37.50 for 3 hours and €57.50 for a whole day. In addition, we ask for a deposit for renting an E-scooter. Would you like to rent one E-scooter for two? Which can! There is enough space on the back for a second person.

Rent an E-scooter at Hotel Drachten, without a hotel stay

It is also possible to rent an E-scooter from us without a hotel stay! Ask our reception about the possibilities.

Rent an E-scooter

Reserve your E-scooter through our reception. They can be reached daily at (+31) 512 520705.