In the Dutch-language musical De Tocht, five former skating friends take you on their adventure; skating the Elfstedentocht. Their story centres on suffering, passion, fraternisation and making choices. The skating story of these friends is supported by impressive music, catchy song lyrics and, of course, the scenery of the Frisian eleven cities. In short: a compelling musical that you must have seen when you stay in Friesland!

Musical about the Elfstedentocht in Leeuwarden

This Elfstedentocht musical will be performed in the purpose-built Friso Theatre in Leeuwarden (30 minutes by car from Hotel Drachten). The impressive theatre features a 360º ice floor of 2,000m2 and the latest theatre technology. A compelling musical in a compelling setting!

Tickets for De Tocht in Leeuwarden

Van 15 september tot 19 november wordt de voorstelling elke woensdag t/m zondag opgevoerd. Bij succesvolle kaartverkoop wordt de einddatum verlengd.

Tickets & info

Stay overnight near Leeuwarden

Just 30 car minutes from Van der Valk Hotel Drachten you will find the Friso Theatre, where the musical De Tocht is performed. Come and stay with us after you have seen this musical about the Elfstedentocht! Check out our rooms below and book your stay!

Musical De Tocht Package

Do you want to enjoy the experience of the musical? Then discover our musical de Tocht package below!

Musical De Tocht package